Customer Reviews


    Brought a pair of Vilo sunglasses online after seeing them at a market. They are great, so comfortable and very sturdy. Also I love the packaging, hard case, soft case and cleaning cloth best sunglasses purchase ever 👍🏼

    Zephyr Wood Sunglasses


  • I ordered the shades whilst away from home and they had arrived on my doorstep less than 48 hours later. Great packaging and documentation showing care and respect for the customer and pride in the product. The glasses are well built and understated. Comfortable and easy to wear. They don't pop with polaroid zing like my last faithful pair and I'm happy with my purchase and commend the company for their genuine enthusiasm.

    Henna Wood Sunglasses

    Steve E.


    Easy to navigate website. Style and size of frames helped me to pick what was right for me. Fast easy delivery. Bought 2 pairs of wood sunglasses so far and will buy more soon. Style really suits me and am very happy with my purchase.

    Velocity Wood Sunglasses

    Russell W.


    Great. The sunglasses are great, they arrived promptly and the small other customer service touches made an overall great experience. Highly recommend.

    Jasper Wooden Sunglasses



    These sunglasses are awesome, they’re eco friendly, comfortable, polarised and look great. I am so happy with my purchase, I definitely recommend Vilo for their wooden sunglasses and their customer service. Postage was really quick too.

    Kinsman Wood Sunglasses

    Caitlyn M, Australia


    We love our Vilo glasses, they are a great design and come with a wicked bamboo hard case. Vilo have been exceptionally great with communication! Thank you for all your help!

    Canyon Wooden Sunglasses

    Brigid S.

  • Traveled the world with these sunglasses. Gave them hell. They handled every bit of it

    Toby G
    Welkin Blue Wooden Sunglasses